Au Meme: J. Cole talking about a special girl that used to be apart of his life, who is he talking about? You be the judge of that.

Jermaine: “I loved her and I still love her, she was God’s gift to be and I never took advantage of it, it’s crazy how you can be so dumb in love, think that nothing can take that away from you how it can never slip through your fingers, then one day bam it’s like you’ve never had it, that’s how I felt when I lost her, but like I said I’m not the one to hold a grudge, I see now that she’s more happier than ever…sadly she looks more happier then how I made her.”







I present to you… women who are ACTUALLY oppressed.

This is who really needs feminism.

I’ll reblog this every time I see it because oppression is NOT being too fat for Forever 21, oppression is NOT benedict cumberbatch as khan, oppression is NOT someone on a website saying something you disagree with.

This made me cry. This is something they’ll have to deal with all their lives, just because they decided to give voice to the injustice they were living. They’ll always carry the humiliation of being purposely ignored by those around them, and the signs of that show up on their faces.